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  • Sorry, but our motorised tours are currently not being offered.

Scotland’s Freedom Tour

A one-day driving tour

Quick Details

  • Schedule: 9.00am to 5.00pm
  • Departure point: You will be picked up from your Edinburgh hotel
  • What’s included: Guide, transport and all tickets
  • Lunch: We will book a convenient and good value restaurant for lunch (cost not included in fee)
  • Size of party: This is a tour for one to seven people. If you have a larger party, please contact us
Private Tour For up to 7 Guests

The Scotland Freedom Tour is a one day driving tour which concentrates on the history and sites associated with, King Robert Bruce, Sir William Wallace (Braveheart), and the bard Robert Burns.

You will be taken for a visit inside Stirling Castle, then view the Old Stirling Bridge, the Wallace Monument and finally a visit inside Dunfermline Abbey and Palace.

Your guide will be Dr Alison Duncan, a professional historian and Scotland expert.


This is what Alison has to say about your Scotland Freedom tour:

King Robert Bruce and Sir William Wallace, Guardian of Scotland, inspired a nation to freedom. Four centuries later their fight for Scotland’s identity inspired the famous poet Robert Burns to write his rousing poem Scots, Wha’ Hae. Join me to discover the shaping of a nation!


Our day begins at Stirling Castle, the strategic heart of the Wars of Independence. Looking out from the ramparts of this royal fortress, you’ll see why it was said, he who controls Stirling controls Scotland. The castle changed hands often as Scots and English armies battled for supremacy below its walls. Today you can experience what it was like to live there in the time of Robert Bruce’s royal descendants. There’s plenty to explore, from the vast kitchens, the great hall and the chapel, to the gloriously restored royal apartments, and even the castle beehives.


From the castle rock, we descend to Old Stirling Bridge, close to where Scots troops commanded by Wallace won a resounding victory in 1297 over the army of Edward I of England, the ‘Hammer of the Scots’. Our next stop is Abbey Craig, from where the Scots are said to have watched the gathering English army. Today it’s the site of the Wallace Monument and home to the historic Wallace Sword. The monument was built by public subscription in 1869, testament to Wallace’s enduring reputation as a patriot.


Our day ends at Dunfermline Abbey and Palace, one of the great royal sites of medieval Scotland. Here in 1329 King Robert Bruce was buried in state. When the poet Burns visited in 1787 the king’s tomb had vanished, but his remains were later rediscovered, and new monuments were raised in honour of the monarch who won independence for his country, and a crown for his descendants, the Royal House of Stuart.

Book your Freedom Tour today. You won’t regret it!