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Mary Queen of Scots: Queen and Captive Tour

A one-day driving tour

Quick Details

  • Schedule: 9.00am to 5.00pm
  • Departure point: You will be picked up from your Edinburgh hotel
  • What’s included: Guide, transport and all tickets
  • Lunch: We will book a convenient and good value restaurant for lunch (cost not included in fee)
  • Size of party: This is a tour for one to seven people. If you have a larger party, please contact us
Private Tour For up to 7 Guests

The Queen and Captive tour is a one day driving tour which concentrates on the history and sites associated with Mary Queen of Scots in Scotland.

You will first be taken for a visit inside Linlithgow Palace, then inside Blackness Castle, then inside Falkland Palace and then a boat trip across Loch Leven to Loch Leven Castle.

Your guide will be Dr Alison Duncan, a professional historian and Scotland expert.

Alison on boat

This is what Alison has to say about your Queen and Captive tour:-

She was born to be Queen of Scotland, raised to be Queen of France, and believed she was Queen of England by right. Her first husband’s death left her a widow at 18. Her second husband was blown up, and her third died a madman in a Danish dungeon. Her half-brother rebelled against her, and her cousin signed her death warrant. Her rule was over by the age of 24, and she spent nearly half her life in captivity. But there was more to Mary Stuart’s life than melodrama. The Scottish Queen was educated at one of the great Renaissance courts of Europe, and she brought back to Scotland traditions of fine living which found their way into the language and lore of her native country. She loved music, hunting and hawking, and tennis. She was both a scholar and a poet.


Follow in Mary’s footsteps with us, from her birthplace to the island castle where she was imprisoned in 1567. Our tour begins in the evocative setting of Linlithgow Palace, a favourite residence of the Scottish monarchs. From there we visit Blackness Castle, a dramatic fortress on the Firth of Forth which was a set for the recent film of her life. At Falkland Palace, see the royal tennis court where she’s said to have played in men’s clothes—built in 1539, it’s still used today. Then prepare to make an imaginative journey with the Queen, as we take a boat for Loch Leven Castle. Mary spent a year imprisoned on the island before making a desperate and daring escape back across the loch. 


Book your Queen and Captive Tour today. You won’t regret it!